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In my extraterrestrial experiences I had a fellow abductee, who came from an earth like system but belonged to an other type of school. She had wings and while walking, she looked like wearing a long, almost ground touching kind of leather coat.
She was female, named ­ " Grives "... Not a vampire, not a demon and not even Satan. The purpose of her stay was similar to mine, however at the beginning it was very hard for me to accept her, because of the different characteristics and because of my own selfishness.
By the way, she was the one who defeated for the first time my dislike of alien characteristics and the first who unconditionally accepted me. I was only able to do the same, after she made a sacrifice for me and took its consequences upon herself.
In retrospect, I'm a bit ashamed that I could not fully accept her sooner, because later we completed each other very well in our duties. I received a lot of help from her and was able to return those as well.
We created an army division and if we think of how we shared duties, I could say: she was the air force and myself the infantry. The army over there of course works differently than in our sysem, because multiply level full embodyment in biological and technical units in our 3D space and in other dimensions as well.


The earthly religious documents also mention flying men from the Adamic species.


Jewish legends of Lilith :


According to the traditional Midrash, God created Adam and Lilith from the same clay for Adam not to be alone. On the first evening God called and told her that she will be subservient to Adam.
This was not accepted by her. Lilith quarreled with Adam and persuaded God to tell her his holy name. This gave him unlimited power, so Lilith demanded wings from God, and by having received them, she flew away from Eden. Adam complained about his loneliness to God, who in return created Eve from Adam's rib .


Lilith remained immortal, because she didn't ate from the fruit of the "Tree of Knowledge" . According to some Jewesh legends, she was the last angel among the ten unholy Sefirots whom everyone feared. According to the legend, her children were killed, because by having escaped from Eden, she defied the will of God. Therefore out of revenge Lilith killed the children of men.
To protect themselves from the killings, people hung pentagrams on cradles, on which the four rivers of Eden, as well as the names of the angles Sanvai, Sansanvi and Semangloph were visible. They were the angels who on behalf of God hunted after Lilith and killed her children.


In Jewish feminist theology, Lilith is portrayed as a woman who is obedient to God, but not to Adam, and unlike Eve, she is not influeced by the devil. Lilith is the symbol of the educated, strong woman.


The Lilith myth could symbolize women's autonomy and men's (already in the Bible) existing attempts to suppress women by the principle of higher authority. In psychology Eve symbolizes motherhood, modesty and obedience, Lillith on the other hand the sensuality, passion and sexuality .


Why is Lilith not incuded in the Christian Bible?


The Old Testament section of the Christian Bible is taken from the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh), only the other order of books are different. The Tanakh was, however compleated by other ancient oral traditions, documents and Bible explanations, which were not been written into the Christian Old Testament section. We could say that the Tanakh is rather a compact script, a sketch with which (togeather with the oral tradition and with the well known stories) the whole story is better presented and understud.


The Tanakh's Bible explanation fo rexample the Midrash : The word can refer to the exegetical method, or even on a Biblical comment as well. As an exegetical method, the Midrash as the most well-known form of Jewish Bible interpetation, in which plays an important role of the oral tradition from Moses. The Midrash, explores a deeper meaning beyond the actual meaning of the text.


What I wrote about Lilith is not one article or part of a phantasmagoric scripture, but a fuller understanding and interpretation of the Bible, based on the additional informations. For example from the Christian Bible the out of body state and the rebirth is somehow left out, in spite these are integral parts of the scriptures of the Hebrew, Arabic and the major eastern religions.


The Christian Bible is of course God's word, which he sent to us through his chosen people. In addition, no matter how we look at it, the Bible teaches mankind how to live. However, as there are exerpts in it reffering to (than current) human events and critiqus of the leading power (Babilon), the same way it could be, that parts (wich back than they couldn't interpate) wer taken out.
All this does not take away from its value, because they didn't add to it, rather the not undesud stuff was left out. Which is an indication of their good will. Or we can put it this way, it contains only the part of the complete truth, which referes to us. In the old times it was also an important thing not to confuse something but instead to teach and to inform.
Anyone who will, could study these things, especially when personally experienced it like myself......


God still communicate to the people what he wants to let them know, so the Bible in the form as we know is not just a few old scripts... But considering the circumstances, it could be regarded as the ultimate, because on the last pages of the written Christian Bible the end times of our civilization is told... This end is however not the final extintion, rather a new beginning, the beginning of the "New world "...




June 2012


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