The balance between darkness and light, as the balance of the universe is a very important concept. When there is only darkness for long, than it should be followed light for a long period of time. Both, candle flame and the soot stains keep showing the way, that there should be equilibrium without exaggeration.
Who we are and where are we going? Like so many before me, I will try to give my thoughts to it without fullness, because nobody knows the exact (whole) truth, it's beyond us.
We, living our lives on planet Earth, knowingly or not but need to develop our entire consciousness. After birth, beside our given abilities we build up a physical consciousness which serves us as a help in our local life. In the mean time our full consciousness is in development. Embodied in three dimensional space we are part of a school system into which we can born multiply times in order to develop our consciousness. When someone reaches a satisfactory level in this developmental process, will brake away from the cyclic system and find a place at a higher level.
Will climb...
The cyclic new births and deaths help us to understand certain events, problems or mistakes. This system (in which certain amount of freedom is given) runs in a basically preconceived way and always serves the interest of the individual, even in the occasional miserable conditions. Suffering and dominating while getting know good and evil is important for the same individual, because the achieving of balance keeps moving our development. So, to get to know all this is the opportunity of the individual, however his freedom of choice will determine his orientation. The individual's level of environmental recognition and experience will clime to a place, when someone is able to overcome the bodily instincts, s uch as reproductive rite of joy associated with obtaining a sense of compulsion, or the desire for others to rule. At the beginning and during the process these instincts are motivating, and sustaining factors but eventually everyone will realize, that they don't mean a thing and will turn away from these, previously desired goals.
There won't be such school civilization where everybody is good or bad because it would mean endless boredom. A good example perhaps the case, when for someone everything is given and in spite of satisfaction we experience boredom, drug use, aggression, even deviant behavioral patterns.
Value system, respect, knowledge and developing understanding are the most important things. Lot's of people think about, why God didn't create everyone good? Obviously goodness is traceable and describable, while evil is uncertain. However man is agonizing between good and evil and has to find the right way for himself.
Of course, there are creatures who are able to stay away form original sins and by doing this, they can remain in communion with God. They are the ones who directly support his work.
The pre-described school system by the Creator's work makes a self sustaining environment which time to time fluctuates in both directions, so occasionally it requires correction by the limits of the upper echelon. These modifications are due to the natural and the man made environmental damages and on the personal level the physical alignment of the body in order to fulfill its function.
In case a civilization is steadily destroying its environment, it will die sooner or later. Likewise the physical body dies due to destructive forces.
In case of interventions, the goal is not to "save the Earth". All deeds are effecting each other. By this school system, both the individual and the whole civilization is rated specifically. The human chain is as strong as its weakest link. Anyone interested in the current level of a civilization could get a perfect image by watching the crazy afternoon TV talk show programs of any given country.
Our human civilization is in a cycle of destruction and renewal for millions of years. The signs of this cyclical nature could be well followed up by archeological finds (which are quite well known, yet rarely officially published).
In course of our study all levels have signs, which make sense only to that particular level and an other level can not fully understand. These might include the manifestations of the extraterrestrial presence for the individual. As I mentioned, there exist those distant alien civilisations which live in communion with God. We refer to them as angels and when they manifest themselves, they could share our 3D spatial system. Their tasks, beside in connection with nature, animals and plants, is the adjustment of "school attending" individuals to fit to their developmental goals. This doesn't mean that everyone has to be healed, or irresponsible behaviour should be completely erased. The goal of the improvement is rather to provide understanding and solutions possibilities of a given problem. Our actions are not fully determined by our capacities, like intelligence or the amount of creativity we were given at birth. Our actions are greatly determined by the our physical build-up too. The body is a self-sustaining system with minor abnormalities. This requires occasional external physical intervention into its workings.
Since the Creator is not part of our world but beyond it, the exposure is indirect and could happen in strange ways. The corrections are made by extraterrestrials residing in universal bodies and occasionally they could request assistance from individuals of the local or other schools. This way these invited participants are manifesting themselves either in their own bodily form, or in universal bodies.
The extraterrestrial presence is also a preparation for those who already made several birth-death cycles for a different kind of life, where there are no men, women or children...
Lots of people go through trouble while abducted and faced with the possibilities. In these cases, they can choose to forget everything, because their circumstances including their loved ones strongly bond them to their environment. The extraterrestrial presence on the other hand providing active cooperation with them in the form of carrying out various tasks. During carrying out these tasks, the individual can improve himself, but it could go the reversed way, in case he is not yet up to the task. It only depends on the individual.
The tasks are not always easy and besides the seemingly simple supportive help, mainly requires physical contribution in tasks which an extraterrestrial with communion with God can not carry out. Like disciplining or going into war in order to save and maintain the survival of other schools.
These interventions (to serve the goal of the Creator) are happening for protecting the innocents and abused.
Planet Earth is not the only school for our species. There're twelve systems created by God for us and for our siblings to improve ourselves.
As I already mentioned, these are only my views and actually nobody knows the whole, complete truth because it's way beyond us. Just because of this, it is very difficult to talk about things beyond our everyday life and it could be incomprehensible a bit. These words of mine are not aiming to completeness, only trying to make the reader to think and wonder...



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