Sitting in a traffic jam we often think, how nice it would be slowly to rise up and leave it behind flying away. During official developments, it has already been tried to find a solution to this with presently known technical tools, like various propeller and rocket engines. However, it always lacked the so called "anti-gravity propulsion device", usually depicted in sci-fi films.
The same way, especially in science fiction films, we have seen the special protection shield fields against enemy attack when this defence was used. In these situations the authors usually tried to present a strong magnetic or plasma field...
For levitation and for the shield one has to find a solution, which separates the thing from the external environment, such as gravity and other physical effects.
Is it daydreaming or purely wishful thinking?
Yet it exist. It is called a space bubble. Separated from the space around it, eliminating its effects...
Previously, I already mentioned the space bubble, but for those to whom this is a completely alien concept, I will elaborate a bit on it in this chapter.


Almost everywhere on our planet there has been strange cases documented about human levitation. Of these, perhaps the best known case is about the Tibetan monks.
The hovering, also known as levitation, is not an unknown concept in Christianity, as it has been documented countless times. Giuseppe Desa, known as Joseph levitated while praying the first time in 1638 in Naples, in the Armenian Church of St. Gregory. There were several eyewitnesses.
After this incident, the monk (who was called in Rome) shocked Pope Urban the VIII rising into the air in front of him and many eyewitnesses.
Among Catholic saints, at least 200 cases have been recorded. St. Teresa of Avila for example was able to levitate for about half an hour while praying. Did they use thin ropes, or anti-gravity devices? I don't think so. More "natural" things must be in the workings ...


Many of you have probably felt even without direct contact, when someone came near to your peripheral view. Of course, I'm not thinking of the smell of garlic or perspiration, but another person's physical "proximity".
By this feeling of "proximity" we sense the presence of the aura of another person when it interacts with our own. The aura is a very weak space bubble around us, which totally surrounds us and its main characteristics could change individually.





The space bubble (Illustration)



During our school studies we learned, that in the physical effects and interactions there are gradual steps which determine their main properties. The same applies to a weak space bubble, in which the environmental impact of the stronger outer space prevail. This is what we feel during normal, everyday life.
However, when the space bubble begins to intensify, the physical effects of the outer space are getting weaker by the decreasing gravitational effect. After a certain point even with minimal force levitation could occur.
For the one being inside, the bubble could be used as an ideal shield against physical effects.
And for the outside observer, the space bubble including with the one inside could disappear gradually. In this case it will develop its own inner physical properties.
Despite it could be a significant contribution to transportation, it could even protected against the rain... probably by tomorrows airlines and the umbrella factories won't go bankrupt just because people would try to strengthen their auras...


Have we forgotten this also, as we have forgotten telepathy, or the out of body experience?


For now, that's all I wanted to share regarding the space bubbles.


August 2013



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