Surely, lots of people are interested in how an alien spaceship looks from the inside. Of course there are many types ...
Even though consciously I never experienced classic flying saucers, so I can't talk about them, but I can tell how an extraterrestrial spacecraft looks out there, where I've been.
The interior space in these units is customizable in 3D in the same way, as we can freely change the wallpaper of our own computer in 2D.
Here, however, we have to manipulate space and we are almost able to form vagy shape the interior, even with given equipments.




Földönkívüli űrhajó belül


Extraterrestrial Spaceship from inside




Inside the oval walls, the ceiling and the floor were lit by a changing intensity bluish-purple uw light, which also provided effective protection against airborne pathogens. When entered, my eyes had to be protected, because for a while this light was so intense, that I almost felt popping my skin by getting rid of the attached contaminations. For my body the breathing, the nurition and the excrementation was made possible by the well positioned bodily implants.
At its centre there was a large, circular jelly like material in orange color. When I laid down on it, than I slowly, completely sunk inside it . After this, around it a space bubble was formed which also gave protection. This was visible in a way like a hologram.
When I was first connected to it, I couldn't use it right a way because we had to learn each other (to get harmonized) and only after I was able to start.
The unit had its own intelligence and in lots of ways it was much better than me. During the harmonization process I had to figure this out and to adopt to it.
Afterwards, I could rely on it with certainty...
I was travelling through space gates with it, when with full external and internal perception I was "roaming" in the unfriendly but very beautiful space environment.
It wasn't a gigantic multi-level mother ship, in addition there was no weapons (as we know them) on it, but I could safely protect myself from the possible causes of danger ... or I could call for help …
Nevertheless, I have lost my body quite lots of times, but, as my example shows, there was a way to make up for it.
Sadly the same body can not be used forever, because it could be lost spontaneously. For example to me, this was the main reason (in the August of 2009) for closing my activity out there.
In my original earthly body I only came back to live a little bit and to die here like an human being. But I know, because I've experienced it, that there is life after death, however I will live it in an different "body" ...



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