For a very long time, for 40 years, I lived my days almost like everybody else only in a small way I felt different than the others. Usually I prefered to be alone. My life wasn't quite ordinary and not always under my controll but I had no objection against it.
In a small way the military was involved, in spite I've never been a professional soldier.


This is my story summarized below in a short form :


As I learned later, there were some events, since I was about four years old, however I was not aware of them due to cancellation of my memory. The conscious perception of the events opened to me on October 12. 2006, when I woke up and saw a being with an anusually larger head and and shorter stature (compared to our usual scale) floating in the air , leaving my room through a dim, green lighted spacegate.



Földönkívüli egy térkapuval


So, for me this was the start of the conscious experience with aliens...


This went on from October 2006 to the end of August of 2009. Than they told that me that it was the last time I was over there with them. Plus I received the memory few of my early childhood abductions too.


In my "FÖLDÖNKÍVÜLI KAPCSOLATOK" (Hungarian language) book (EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACTS in English language) I partially wrote about my strange experiences, wich are based on my fragmented memories. Over time, with the clarification of my memories of the events several years earlier, I finally decided to write my next book "KINEK". This one is telling the whole story in a better readable, rather novel like form the full story...





12th of October 2006. - The visitor (Animation)





The real-time space gate (2007) (Animation)





The not real-time space gate (2007) (Animation)





The tree (2007) (Animation)





The place (2007) (Animation)





The flower form controller (2007) (Animation)





Alien abduction (Animation)





Out of body abduction (Animation)





Extraterrestrial body use - Universal body (2007) (Animation)





The figures turning into each other (2007) (Animation)





The laying green space gate (2009) (Animation)




I even had a name out there. I was called "Kinek"…


Thank you for your attention!






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